About Focal Development Finance
We are a not-for-profit development finance institution

Our Vision is to be an institution that implements change through innovation and implementation of works.


Our Company Ethos

Our Mission: "To Build The Nation"
Our Belief System:

  1. A belief in the made in Uganda brand.
  2. A belief in small enterprise growth.
  3. A belief in a nation of achievers.

Who We Are

Focal Development Finance Limited is a not-for-profit development finance institution in Uganda. It initiated operations on 1st June 2015 with its enterprise development programme that builds micro and small enterprises through provision of financial and technical services.

Our Core Values

  1. Passion: We work with great enthusiasm.
  2. Integrity: We stand for honesty and truth in whatever we do.
  3. Commitment: We work with dedication to fulfill our obligations.
  4. Knowledge: We provide solutions based on a clear understanding of issues.