Our Products & Services

The enterprise development programme at Focal Development Finance provides financial and technical services to micro and small businesses.

We know that business finance is a great catalyst for business growth but we are also aware of the many non-financial challenges that limit the sustainability of small businesses. Finance alone is not sufficient to develop small businesses and make them competitive in the market. Most small businesses require technical support to prop up their management capacity so that they are efficient, sustainable and better equipped to produce high quality products and services.

Technical Services

Technical services are typically advanced to clients as part of the credit package through client trainings and discussions

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Financial Services

Focal Development Finance provides loan finance. The credit process is transparent and clients are adequately briefed on conditions before any disbursements are made. Credit is disbursed at competitive rates. Typical repayment periods are monthly with availability of grace periods. Loans are secured by movable or immovable collaterals.

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